Recruited 2 Biotech Rockstars To The Team

Tracy Goeken, MD

Chief Medical Officer of Lincal Accelovance, a global Contract Research Organization capable of delivering large-scale projects, covering all key markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. Dr. Goeken brings expertise in designing and running clinical trials, bringing relationships within the biotech R&D ecosystem to the Cytonics’ team.

Phil LoGrasso, PhD

Dr. LoGrasso is a drug discovery and development expert with 25 years of industrial and academic experience in multiple focus areas, including inflammatory diseases. His three decades of experience with Big Pharma, venture-backed biotech, and hedge fund biotech investing brings deep-seated knowledge into the essential elements of drug development.

Our Board of Directors possesses the industry expertise to maximize our probability of successful drug development and shareholder return.

Our Technology Is Ironclad


22 issued US and
International patents.


5 pending patents under prosecution covering both APIC and CYT-108 composition and methods of use.

Current patent portfolio is large and multi-fold, covering the methods of use and composition of matter of CYT-108, the APIC therapy, and the FACT diagnostic.

An additional patent (US 11,040,092 - covering the APIC composition and methods of use to treat inflammatory diseases) was granted since last raise.

We have built a defensible moat around our technologies that prevent them from being duplicated.

Preclinical data shows that CYT-108 is safe and capable of repairing cartilage in damaged joints


Completed GMP production of CYT-108 for the Phase 1 study. This is the culmination of 5 years’ and $3M worth of research and development!

Final preclinical study is now complete, with promising results:

  • No subjects experienced adverse events related to the drug

  • Final dataset will be published in September 2022

  • The data is in… and CYT-108 appears safe to administer and is capable of repairing cartilage in damaged joints

CYT-108 reduces cartilage
damage by 57%

CYT-108 reduces synovial
by 60%

Safety Update: CYT-108 Is
Rapidly Cleared From The Bloodstream

  • Our latest safety data shows that any CYT-108 that makes it into the bloodstream is rapidly cleared by antibodies.

  • These antibodies are produced within 24 hours of CYT-108 injection, and completely prevent CYT-108 from leaking into the blood after multiple injections.

  • This data further supports the safety profile, and de-risks our Phase 1 safety study!

CYT-108 Clearance
From Bloodstream

Antibody Levels 24 hrs
After Injection

The Coffers Are Full And Your
Investment Is Being Deployed

Expenses breakdown

All debt wiped off the books through conversion into stock.

We have enough cash runway to achieve the next milestone (IND filing) and complete the ongoing Reg CF capital raise.

Will be fully funded through the Phase 1 trial once the ongoing Reg CF completes.